How to take care of your linen clothes

Linen clothes may look delicate, but many are surprisingly durable. You probably will be surprised how easy you can take care of it.

Linen is a gorgeous and sustainable natural fabric. It is super comfortable to wear all year long, but especially during hot weather. This fabric breathes well, helping to regulate your body temperature as well as wicking away moisture from your skin. That creates a cooling effect and helps to stay comfortable. It is also stronger than cotton fabric and more dirt resistant.

The downside of wearing linen is in the fibers as well. It wrinkles easily as it is a rigid and not stretchy fabric. But those linen wrinkles become a part of linen aesthetics, beauty, and a core of casual nature.

Linen clothes may look delicate, but many are surprisingly durable. You probably will be surprised how easy you can take care of your linen clothes. But it’s also important to give linen the attention it deserves, so we’ve got some tips on how to wash your linen clothing. Good care will help keep linens looking beautiful and feeling luxuriously soft.

However, you should always check the manufacturer’s care label and take into account any special instructions before cleaning your linen garment. If your linen clothing is a blend of linen and cotton or rayon, the care instructions may be different. The fabric content of trim or lining can also affect the method of cleaning. But if we are talking about pure top-quality linen you can for sure wash it at home.

So, what you need to know before washing your linen clothes:

- Always wash your linen clothes on your machine’s gentle cycle. With a maximum offer of water and do not crowd the washing machine with too many items. Your clothing should move freely.

- Make sure that any other items in the washing machine are similar to your linen clothes in terms of color, weight, and washing instructions.

- Choose lukewarm temperatures – never in cold or hot water. The best option is 30-40 C.

-Use a mild detergent for washing and make sure that any residue is completely rinsed off the piece of clothing before drying.

-If you decide hand wash, place it in a clean sink with cool water and mild detergent. Gently agitate the clothing items, then remove from the soapy water. Drain the soapy water, rinse the sink and refill with cool water. Rinse the garments and repeat until the water is soap-free. Do not rub or grind to hardly. It might damage the fabric.

Stain Removal

With stain removal, the ground rule is to never use the bleach. Bleach can damage agricultural fibers. And even if you try to bleach snow-white linen it can just gain yellow shade.
If your linen clothes become stained, try removing the spot with club soda or soak for couple hours in soapy water before washing.

Drying linen clothes

It is always the best idea to dry your linen clothes flat. Hangers or clothespins can cause marks on the fabric, and may also cause the garment to lose its original shape. If your linen garment is pre-washed during the production process, it is safe to dry it in a tumble dryer. Set to a low drying temperature and remove the garment while it is still slightly damp.


You can iron linen on hot temperature while clothes are still a bit damp o ruse steam iron. Stem works very nicely on linen. It is also safer to iron upside down.

P.S. One more tip for those who hate ironing. Hang your linen garment on the hanger in your bathroom while showering. The hot steam from the shower and gravitation will iron your shirt, pants or dress just nicely ?

Treat your linen clothes well and they will keep on looking amazing for years to come.