Hello there, it’s time for an introduction!

Ninis And Family is a passion project and a family business. Founded in 2020 by its owner Agne.This is a creative space that combines traditional materials and techniques from our homeland- Lithuania, ideas about sustainable living, inspiration from nature, and Baltic/ Nordic folklore,  all driven by the pure urge to create.

Everything at Ninis And Family is carefully and mindfully handcrafted in a small authentic studio located in an old Raudondvaris manor. 

Our products are made only in small batches with little magical handcrafted details or made-to-order. Created to last and to become an heirloom of their new owners.

By combining all of these elements, we tend to create products that emphasize our and our client's authentic sense of life. We firmly believe that our clients share the same values and are creative-minded. Our biggest wish is that our creations would inspire finding magic and joy in small everyday rituals, making life more beautiful in simple ways.

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